pta sustainability committee

In recent years, the Sustainability Committee at Zilker Elementary has established an excellent foundation in creating a vibrant sustainable community.

The Committee’s mission is to serve as a resource and advocate for sustainability.

We need your help! If you are interested in helping and/or being a part of this committee, please contact Sustainability Committee Chairperson,

Garret Nick at

our initiatives

  • Health and Wellness (such as ZHealthy Fair, Bike/Walk campaigns, STAAR Yoga)

  • School Grounds (landscaping, rain tanks)

  • Environmental Practices (reuse, recycle, reduce)

  • Jabo’s Garden (An organic, edible garden that is integrated into the school’s culture, curriculum and food program.  Sponsored in part by Odd Duck.)

assistance needs

  • Flower/plant bed maintenance

  • Rain tank maintenance

  • Recycling at events

  • Edible garden maintenance

  • Spring grounds workdays

  • Volunteers for ZHealthy Night

We strive to

  • promote environmental responsibility and healthy living with the school community

  • encourage practices with sustainable living

  • challenge students, staff, and the community to consider their ecological impact and ways to have a positive impact on the environment and healthy living

  • give students a place to learn about and experience the connections between their actions, their health, their community, they environment and their food.