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Zilker’s Dual Language program is designed to provide students with a high-quality bilingual and biliterate education, from Pre-K to Fifth Grade. Our program consists of a 50/50 model, in which students spend half of their school day in Spanish and the other half-day in English. 

The curriculum taught in Spanish includes Math, Science, and Spanish literacy. The English curriculum focuses on English Language Arts, Social studies, and reinforcement in English of Math and Science content areas. 


Second language benefits:

Research indicates bilingual students gain deeper insights into ways of thinking and expressing themselves. Learning two languages increases the strength of literacy in both. Skills acquired include:

  • High level of proficiency in literacy and math skills in both English and Spanish

  • Appreciation of multiple cultures and sensitivity to people who speak other languages, as well as a multicultural perspective

  • Foundations of knowledge in the other curriculum areas, such as science and social studies

  • Ability to make connections across subjects and languages

  • Flexibility of thinking and creative problem solving


Difference with a two way-dual program

A two way-dual language program is a bilingual/biliteracy program model, in which students identified as English learners are integrated with students proficient in English and are served in both English and Spanish. Two way-dual elementary programs follow a descending model, in which students spend more time in Spanish in earlier grades, with the goal to achieve 50% (50/50 model) on later grades. Our Spanish dual language program is a bilingual/biliteracy program model, in which the majority of students only speak English at home and will be immersed in Spanish language in school for half of the day, in a 50/50 model (50% of the time), starting from Pre-K to Fifth Grade. 


Application Process

Admission to Zilker's Dual Language program is done by lottery. Students entering Pre-K, who live within the school boundaries or are a transfer, are eligible to register for the lottery. 

Priority will be given to students who have a sibling currently in the program. The remaining spots will be filled by the lottery. 


A World of Opportunity

There are endless benefits to learning a second language and culture. Students who study a second language increase their global awareness and understanding, improve literacy in their native language, are better prepared for college, have more employment opportunities and have a greater appreciation for the arts.


Students in 50/50 language-immersion schools, in which students spend half of their day learning in a nonnative language, perform as well as, or better than, students in monolingual schools on standardized tests, and these benefits extend to English-language learners as well as native English speakers.

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