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Avoid Amazon Suspension For Late Shipment To make Customer Belief Strong

As a seller, it's your liability not only to ship on time, but to confirm shipment on time. Occasionally you may just forget to ship items or confirm shipment with Amazon during the handling time. If you failed to meet Amazon's performance target of less than 4% then you may have to face Amazon Suspension For Late Shipment. As stated in our policies, sellers should ship orders by the Expected Ship Date".

Amazon inquires sellers to keep their late shipment rate low. Failure to meet Amazon's target may lead to the removal of your selling privileges and you'll obtain the following message from Amazon stating that your account is suspended because of a late shipment rate.

We at Amiwap have a team of knowledgeable & experienced eCommerce experts having years of experience in reinstating suspended Amazon seller accounts quickly. We had already reinstated thousands of seller accounts already. We have a success strike rate of 98.9%. Consult us at anytime of clock whenever need, we are ready to assist you 24*7, 365 days for your assistance.

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