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The Math Cooperative works to bring innovative and supportive math instruction to students across the learning spectrum. This includes professional development opportunities for teachers and a volunteer-led Math Fact Fluency Program for selected students. 


Math Fact Fluency Program

Math facts are the quick recall of basic addition/subtraction and multiplication/division solutions. Many children require more practice time to improve their automaticity of math facts, which research shows frees up their working memory so they are better able to focus their efforts on problem-solving and new skill building. Math fact fluency can lead to higher levels of confidence in math, a reduction in math anxiety, and is a building block to higher order mathematics.


In our program, students who have been identified by their teachers work one-on-one with a trained parent or community volunteer outside their classroom for 10 minutes twice a week. Fluency is built by reviewing number sense based strategies and reinforced by playing simple games to practice math facts. 


How to Get Involved

Last year, 18 wonderful volunteers worked with over 30 students in grades 1-4 playing math games and we would love even more volunteers this coming school year! No particular math affinity is necessary to volunteer! For more information about the program and how to volunteer, please use Living Tree to contact a parent member of the Math Fact Fluency Committee:


Karen Cotter

Michelle Arvesen

Ann Pizer

Jacquie Moss

Martine Fedyszyn

Maite Jiménez Vidal 

Zilker extends a big thank you to Highland Park Elementary

for sharing their math game program ideas and resources with us!

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