Hello Zilker Families!

I am excited to have this spot to post resources, SEL info, and other information about counseling at Zilker.

Counseling Services

My goal is to support the healthy growth and development of the whole child (social, emotional, and academic) in his/ her world of school, home, and community.  This process of growth is encouraged through classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling (lunch bunch), individual counseling, consultation with parents and teachers, and coordination of services. If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Detail of Services:

  • Classroom Guidance Lessons- Planned, educational lessons designed to help students understand and deal with normal developmental tasks and issues.  Examples include character education, peer relationships, conflict resolution, bullying, social skills, college/career awareness, and personal safety.

  • Small Group Counseling/Lunch Bunch- I work with students who have been referred for a similar issue.  This format uses a psycho-educational model that is goal-centered and oriented toward enhancing and developing coping skills.  Some common types of counseling groups deal with divorce, friendship, self-esteem, anger, and grief or loss. These groups also are formed to allow students to socialize with one another in a small group setting.

  • Individual Counseling- I work one-on-one with a student to help him/her resolve problems and developmental concerns, enhance decision-making skills, and/or build coping skills.  This is a confidential relationship and is a short-term limited intervention (not intensive therapy).

  • Referral Assistance- I also maintain a list of specialists who may be helpful in the event of a concern beyond the scope of school counseling services.

  • School-Based Consultation with teachers, parents, and specialists 


Parent Resources for Second Step/SEL

To support what your child is learning in the classroom, check out the family codes below. They codes allow you access to the Second Step Curriculum (the weekly lessons your child has in his/her classroom), posters, songs, and more.


Second Step offers resources and activities that reinforce concepts taught in the classroom for parents to utilize.  Use the following directions to access the topics your child is practicing in our SEL lessons.

Go to this website:

Then enter this activation key code depending on the grade level you wish to access:

Pre-K – Early Learning – SSPE FAMI LY68

Kindergarten – SSPK FAMI LY70

First Grade- SSP1 FAMI LY71

Second Grade – SSP2 FAMI LY72

Third Grade- SSP3 FAMI LY73

Fourth Grade- SSP4 FAMI LY74

Fifth Grade – SSP5 FAMI LY75